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B Pawsitive at Boops:
Dog Training Program

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Puppy Preschool

This course is for dogs 4 months and older. Our trainer will provide instruction on crate training, leash manners, daily routines for puppies, potty training, socialization and exposure, simple commands, stimulation activities and managing behaviors like teething and jumping. 

Class Information

​-Classes are held on Monday evenings from 6:45pm-7:45pm

-Each course is 6 weeks long

-Cost of enrollment $200.00

Barklay Elementary

This course expands on basic commands and obedience. The focus is on expanding commands, manners, and building trust between the owner and their dog.

Class Information

​-Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:45pm-7:45pm

-Each course is 6 weeks long

-Cost of enrollment $200.00

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Benefits of Training Your Dog:

1. General Safety Outside of the Home: 

Training your dog to listen to commands and adapt to new environments and people to help keep them comfortable in public.

2. It is safer for your home:

A well-trained dog will exhibit manners and respect to both your home and guests visiting your home.

3. Builds a lasting relationship for you & your dog:

Training will help learn and establish boundaries with your pup, thus building trust! Building trust will help develop mutual respect and open up even more potential and capabilities.

4. Encourages socialization: 

A socialized dog will have more confidence meeting other pups and interacting safely with dogs and people.

5. More comfortable, productive appointments:

Building a foundation with your dog can help with grooming and vet appointments! Training can help pet owners take time to desensitize their dog to reduce the risk overgrown nails, dental disease, untreated wounds or infections and the progression of disease which likely could have been prevented if discovered early.

Meet the Trainer

B was born and raised in Rochester, NY. She began her career working with dogs as a Kennel Attendant, before being promoted to Dog Daycare Team Member, and eventually earned her degree as a Canine Behavior Trainer. She specializes overcoming/working through numerous dog behaviors including fear, reactivity, aggression and anxiety. B is also experienced in puppy training and basic obedience. She believes in positive reinforcement, routine, and structure based training. B strives to cater to each client and their pet's specific needs and goals!


B also offers 1-on-1 Private Training Sessions!

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