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The College at Boops:
Dog Training Program


Basic Obedience 201

This course is appropriate for dogs 4 months and older.  Instruction on housebreaking and crate training, the importance of socialization, dealing with unwanted behaviors such as jumping, chewing & nipping, & introduction to simple commands such as come, sit, stay, leash manners & much more!

Class Information

​-Classes are held on Wednesday evenings

-Each course is 7 weeks long

-Cost of enrollment $150.00

Intermediate Obedience 301

This course expands on basic commands and obedience. The focus is on good manners and the respect of their handlers. 

This course is appropriate for dogs over 4 months old who have mastered the following prerequisites:  Clear understanding of basic commands and a release word. Heel on leash with no pulling or lagging. Come when called on command. Sit, Down, and Stand on command and stay in position until released. It is preferred that the dog has successfully completed Basic Obedience or individual sessions with ACD.

Class Information

-Classes are held on Wednesday evenings

-Each course is 7 weeks long

-Cost of enrollment $150.00

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Benefits of Training your Dog:

1. It is safer for your pup; a dog who listens to commands can keep him/her safe in public and avoid unpleasant encounters

2. It is safer for your home; dogs who are well trained will treat your home and guests with manners & respect

3. Builds a lasting relationship for you & your dog; training will establish a connection between you and your pup. As you spend time together, creating boundaries, sharing experiences and learning to understand each other, a mutual respect will develop. Your dog will learn to trust and respect your judgment, and you’ll gain admiration for their potential and capabilities.

4. Creates easier means of socialization or public encounters; building your dogs confidence around humans and its fellow dogs, walks together will be an enjoyable experience and your dog will learn to interact safely and effectively with others.

5. Vet appointments can be more productive; Pet owners who take the time to desensitize their dog to being touched or worked on can reduce the risk overgrown nails, dental disease, untreated wounds or infections and the progression of disease which likely could have been prevented if discovered early.

Meet the Trainer

Taylor is a wife, dog mom, Peace Officer, certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist. She has been surrounded by dogs her whole life, personally owning dogs since 2015. Taylor has met more than 100 different dogs and learned how dogs’ brains work. How they communicate, ask for space, play, even start a scuffle. She was given an opportunity to foster dogs through local rescue organizations and has fostered more than 50 dogs. In 2020, Taylor enrolled at Animal Behavior Institute Inc. Taylor graduated in 2021, became a certified Canine Training Professional and Behavior Specialist and a Certified Advanced Canine Training Professional. Taylor is also a Fear Free Certified Training Professional through Fear Free Pets.


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