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Training Policies

Training Rates

$200 per session.

Dog Dress Code: Must be wearing either a flat collar, martingale collar or Halti, and a 6 foot leash.

*No prong, choke or eCollars, and no retractable leashes are permitted.

Human Dress Code: Close toed shoes/sneakers with a back.

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  • Payment for training courses will be made at time of enrollment and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • If a customer needs to switch to a course which starts at a later date (ex: you enroll in a January class but need to switch to a March class), notice will be given no less than 7 days prior to the first class of the course originally enrolled in. If such notice is not given, no change will be made. If the course you wish to switch to is fully booked, no change will be made.

  • Dogs must meet the required prerequisites to be enrolled in our Intermediate Course:

    • It is preferred that the dog has successfully completed Basic Obedience or individual sessions with our trainer.​

    • Clear understanding of basic commands and a release word.

    • Heel on leash with no pulling or lagging.

    • Come when called on command.

    • Sit, Down and Stand on command and stay in position until released.

  • If a customer and/or Trainer feels a dog is not enrolled in the appropriate course and a switch from Basic/Intermediate is necessary, the switch will be made to the appropriate course that is currently being held (not a future course) and is ultimately at the discretion of the Trainer. This decision will be made on the first day of class. 

  • Due to limited space, we ask that only one adult member of your family attends training. Although it is not recommended, if you must bring a child, they must be age appropriate, actively participating/involved in the training, and not become a disruption to the class. All minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Customers will enter the building no more than 10 minutes prior to the start time of their selected course. No training customer will enter the building with their dog before 6PM for any reason.

  • If a class is still being held, customers waiting for their class to start will wait in the designated area and not engage with/disrupt the current class.

  • Customers will not, nor will allow their dog(s) to engage with other dogs while in the building unless directed to do so by the Trainer. 

  • Customers will clean and properly dispose of any pet paste.

  • Customers will not use physical force toward any dog as a form of punishment or training while in our facility.

  • Customers are fully responsible for the actions of their dog(s) at all times while in our facility.

  • Customers/dogs are only permitted to be in designated waiting and training areas. Customers will not enter the boarding area, staff area or any other part of the building not designated for training.

  • Customers will acknowledge that due to many factors outside of our control, Boops Co. provides no guarantees of training results.

  • Customers will follow all Boops Co. policies and any policies a Trainer has in place. Failure to follow said policies will result in dismissal from the course.

  • Boops Co. and Trainer reserve the right to decline any entry to, or dismiss from training, any dog who presents behavioral issues that may be deemed overly dangerous or disruptive.

  • A no-show on the first class date will result in dismissal from the course.

  • No make-ups for missed classes unless a class is cancelled by Boops Co. or Trainer. In this case, a make-up date will be provided.

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