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Booking & Reservations

  • All guests must create a client/pet profile on Paw Partner by clicking the "Register Your Pet" link on our website. Please answer the required questions, sign required waivers and upload your dog's most current vaccine records. This must be completed prior to booking.

  • A valid credit card must be kept on file in your Paw Partner account.

    • By saving a credit card on file, you give Boops Co. Boarding and Daycare permission to charge for any applicable fees in accordance with this policy, including but not limited to: deposits if a waitlisted reservation is confirmed, cancellation fees, out of hours fees, fees associated with an extension of stay, etc.

    • Boarding reservations require a non-refundable deposit.

  • Before booking, ensure that you have uploaded your pet's most current vaccine records, and that the required vaccines are up-to-date. Reservations made without the required vaccine records will be waitlisted and will not be confirmed until the records are received.

  • All reservations require an emergency contact. When choosing an emergency contact, please list someone local who is able and willing to pick your dog up in case of an emergency, should we not be able to reach you.

    • Please do not list someone who is going out of town with you.

    • Please do not list yourself.

    • No reservations will be confirmed which list the owner as the emergency contact. Emergency contacts must be someone willing and able to pick up if necessary. If you or your emergency contact is unable to be reached or picked up if necessary (within 60 minutes), a $200 fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

  • Waitlisted reservations are confirmed by email up until the end of the business day prior to the day of the reservation.


  • Daycare reservations can be paid for online at the time of booking, or in person at the time of pick-up.

  • A deposit for boarding reservations must be paid online at the time of booking.

    • Deposits are non-transferable.​

  • Any remaining balance due must be paid in full at the time of pick-up.

  • Any outstanding balance on a customer's account will result in an additional $10 fee each week that the balance remains unpaid.

  • Account balances must be paid in full before a new reservation will be accepted.

  • Overnight boarding pricing is based on the size of kennel reserved at the time of booking (found in the "Services" drop-down menu). Kennel selection is subject to change at staff's discretion based on size of the dog/number of dogs booked in one suite. Cost of the reservation will reflect such a change and the customer will be promptly notified.

  • All pricing is subject to NYS sales tax.

Gift Card, Certificate & Coupon Policy

  • All gift cards, certificates and promotional coupons must be presented in person at time of check out and hold no cash value. Limit one promotional coupon per customer.

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