Can I take a tour?

-To limit disruption to the pups in our facility, we do not offer tours. You are able to check out our website and/or social media to see photos of the place!

Does my dog need to come in for an interview before making a reservation?

-We like to refer to interviews as “meet and greets”. An interview implies your dog may fail or not be accepted; we don’t turn any dogs away. Meet and greets are not required for new dogs. There is nothing we can learn about your dog in 15 minutes that you don’t already know and can share with us. During a dog's first day at Boops, their personality, play style, and temperament will be assessed, and they'll be placed into the playgroup that best fits their needs. For boarding, if there are concerns about your pups behavior, please reach out to us.

Do you accept all breeds of dogs?

-YES! When we say we love dogs, we mean ALL dogs. We do not discriminate based on breed or size.


I just got a new puppy. At what age can I start bringing him to Boops?

-We accept dogs starting at 4 months old. We can’t wait to meet your new best friend!


Why do puppies cost more?

-Similar to human babies, puppies are more work! They require more attention, more potty breaks, more meal times, etc.

Do you have an outdoor play area?

-We are primarily an indoor facility but we have something in the works! We have outside play time on days that it isn’t raining, snowing, or too hot.

I have more than one dog. Do you offer any discounts for multiple dogs?

-Yes! We offer multiple dog discounts for daycare and boarding. 

Why are there specific drop off and pick up times?

-Dogs do well when they know what to expect from their environment. Throughout the day, our dogs have a routine that we try to stick to. It helps our day run smoothly and helps our dogs stay calm and feel at ease. When customers are in and out of the facility during the day, that routine can become disrupted, and the last thing we want is to cause unnecessary stress or anxiety for any of our dogs.

I have more than one dog. Can they share a kennel?

-Yes! So long as they can eat together, they can share a kennel. We even offer a discount for that!


My dog takes daily medication. Is there a fee to administer medication?

-There is no fee to administer medication.


While my dog is boarding at Boops, will she be left in a kennel all day?

-What fun would that be? Each boarding reservation includes a half day of group play! Should your dog not be suitable for group play, they will have time to roam a playroom on their own or you can consider adding on 1:1 services.

My dog seems very nervous to walk in the doors. Is this normal?

-Animals can read your emotions like a book, and if you are over-compensating when saying goodbye, are visibly upset or stressed, your doggo will reflect this. This can make it much harder to say goodbye and harder for your dog to settle. Instead, keep things short, simple, and sweet. He will feel calmer and more relaxed, and in turn, this will set your mind at ease.

Do you have overnight staff?

-We do not have overnight staff but we do have cameras in the boarding area which alert us day or night if any motion or sound is detected. Even while we’re at home, we’re still keeping an eye on your pups!


Why does boarding cost more during the holidays?

-We are a small, family owned business. Being open on holidays means we spend them with our Boops family and not our human family. We justify this by slightly raising prices for major holidays. 

My dog is boarding at Boops, what should I bring for her?

-You are welcome to bring anything to make her stay more comfortable, this can include items such as a bed, t-shirt, blanket, toys, bones, etc. (Dogs love familiar scents!) Don’t forget her leash, collar, medication if needed, and enough food to last the duration of her stay.

My dog isn’t very active or is older in age. Will she do well/enjoy daycare?

-At Boops, we customize play groups based on dogs’ play style. Whether she is an active puppy, an older laid back girl, or somewhere in between, we’ve got a great spot for her where she’ll fit right in!

Do you offer daycare on the weekends?

-At this time we offer daycare Monday-Saturday. We are however open 7 days a week, 365 days a year for boarding!

My dog eats a meal mid day. Can you accommodate feeding an afternoon meal for daycare dogs?

-Yes, for an additional charge; unless they are 8 months or younger. During meal times, your dog will eat in a kennel so they aren’t bothered by the other dogs. 

Why aren’t there bones or chew toys in the playrooms?

-We only have climbing play structures and tennis balls in our playrooms to avoid resource guarding. Don’t worry though, the dogs have a blast!

Do you have cameras in the playrooms so that I can check on my dog throughout the day?

-No. If you had time to check on your dog during the day then you wouldn’t need us! When you bring your dog to Boops, you are putting your trust in us to take care of her like she was our own. She is in great hands and doing just fine during the day. No need to worry! We do our best to post daily pictures on social media for customers to view, and you are welcome to give us a call to check up on her whenever you’d like!

My dog is very thirsty when he gets home. Do dogs have access to water during the day?

-Dogs have access to water at all times. Remember, when your dog is at daycare, he’s playing a lot more than he normally would. More activity=more water. There are also cases where even though they have access, a dog may not drink as much as their body needs. This can be caused by nervousness in a new dog, or simply because he’s having so much fun that he forgets to drink. In these cases, we remove the dog from the playroom and give him private access to water. “You can lead a dog to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

Do you offer grooming?

-Not yet, but it’s in the works!