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Group Play

Group play provides mental stimulation and socialization for your pup. Our playrooms feature toys of all shapes and sizes, stimulating games, activity equipment, and access to water. We also provide affection, positive reinforcement, and supervision from our trained, CPR/First aid certified staff in a safe indoor climate-controlled environment. Each play group is structured to suit the needs of your pet, based on their style of play. 

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Diggie Smalls Play Group

Our Diggie Smalls are our small boops, weighing in at around 25 pounds or less. Sectioned off from the other playgroups, our smalls are busy, safe, and destined for a full day of fun bamboozles! We're mutts about our smalls! Status: Assistant to the Regional Manager. Known for big heart, small stature

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Bark Street Boys Play Group

Our Barkstreet Boys are interested in playmates, but prefer lighter body contact. Sometimes known as the fun police, these boopers are more interested in games of fetch, brain game obstacles, and soft-touch play. Status: Just trying to keep it casual. Known to ghost and leave your texts on "read."

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Jurassic Bark Play Group
The Dog-Father Play Group

The Jurassic Barkers are our play-hard wrestlers. Weight class medium - large. These ruff-housers love full body contact and are serious about their pawty. Wags and wiggles guaranteed. Fur real. Status: Stage 5 clinger. Known to leave the party last.

The Dog-Father's are wise beyond their years. Like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a little out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well. These pups are set in their ways and know just what they like.


Full Day $33

Half Day $28 (up to 5 hrs. from the reservation time selected)

For savings, we offer the following

discounted packages:

The Good Boy: 5 Day Package $160

The Grateful Dog: 10 Day Package $310

The Alpha Dog: 15 Day Package $450


*Add-Ons are available at an additional cost

Daily Schedule

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Monday - Friday 7am - 10am


Monday - Friday 4pm - 6pm


*Please arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled drop off/pick up time

**Half Day Daycare is  five hours from the start time of your reservation & is not subject to the pickup/drop off hours

Boops Co. is closed for daycare on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day


Memorial Day

Labor Day


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

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